Sustainability has long been an important part of the Sale ethos, we received the ISO14001 Environmental Standard in April 2011, refitted our new offices to ensure maximum energy efficiency with no use of gas in 2017 and more recently have achieved Carbon Neutral status on 1st September 2023. Sale provide a top class maintenance service in order to maximise plant longevity and have excellent technical knowledge and specialty subcontractors to help advise clients on the most sustainable approach. Sustainability is ingrained in our business model with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and through our training with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. 

Carbon Neutral

On 1st September 2023 Sale Group achieved Carbon Neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060. Our GHG emissions totalled 158.6 t CO₂e and retired 159 Gold Standard units from the Cochabamba project in Bolivia in order to offset this. This project is supporting rural smallholders in reforestation activities with mixed, mainly native tree species for sustainable forestry management. As well as capturing CO2 the project will help halt the aggressive deforestation that has been occurring in this area of the western Amazon Rainforest and save CO2 losses there. The new forests will be harvested in the future, but the application of a poly-cyclic harvesting system will guarantee a relatively high average carbon storage in the Cochabamba Project. Through PAS 2060 we are taking our next step on the journey to becoming a net zero company.


Sale have helped many of our clients to successfully deliver projects achieving different environmental assessment methods such as BREEAM good to outstanding, SKA, WELL and LEED. We work closely with client appointed Consultants to ensure the requirements are followed through in all stages of our works and that the necessary evidence is compiled and published as necessary.

Project: Reading International Business Park

Client: Morgan Lovells

Standard: BREEAM

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sale Group prides themselves on providing a positive working environment across all three businesses; Sale Service & Maintenance, Sale Maintenance & Sale NuGen. Adhering to all relevant legislation, our companies uphold the Corporate Social Responsibility principles which are defined under the following four areas:

  • PAS 2060 achieved September 2023
  • ISO14001 achieved April 2011
  • Annual Golf Day this year raising over £40k for The Children’s Trust
  • Encourage volunteering from staff including local youth charities and mentoring.
  • Rigorous supply chain checks.
  • Credit insurance on all major clients.

Please refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to find out more about Sale Group’s commitment towards the Local Community, our Businesses impact on the Environment, and the relationships built with our Staff, Clients, and Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Sale Group have achieved Silver level with the Supply Chain Sustainability School with the aim to achieve Gold by the end of 2023. The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a free learning environment, which allows us to upskill our workers on sustainability covering Offsite, Procurement, Digital, Lean Construction, Management, People and FIR (Fairness, Inclusion and Respect). It allows our clients to send us learning plans to ensure that staff working on their sites know what standards they expect to maintain and they can monitor how much we are using it as evidence of our commitment to sustainability. We have also found it to be a great learning tool for our apprentices to use towards their required hours.