25 Maddox Street

This is a design and build project to alter from a CAT A to a CAT B. The system consists of existing 4 pipe fan coil units served by existing landlord’s main plant.
Sale have relocated fan coil units to suit the new meeting rooms, each meeting room unit is connected to an individual room controller giving the end user adjustment of the room’s temperature.
2 new tea point areas have been formed with domestic services being supplied by a local water heater with pumped drainage.
A new comms room has been formed which incorporates a new air conditioning unit to cool the space.
Fresh air has been altered to serve the new layout with MSFDs installed to protect the fire escape route linked to standalone damper panel.

Client Name: Overbury Core

Building Type: CAT A Major Fit Outs

Project Name: 25 Maddox Street

Project Value Range: £250k - £1 Mil

Duration: 30 Weeks

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