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Introducing Sale NuGen, the special works expansion of the Sale Group business

Sale Group has seen incredible success and expansion in the London and Southern regions, exceeding a turnover of £40m. That is why we have launched Sale NuGen, the special works business with a focus on having flexibility to carry out a diverse range of projects up to the value of £450,000.

This means we will ensure continuity of the high standards of service, regardless of the value. Sale NuGen will also provide continued after care on completed schemes carried by Sale Service and Maintenance Ltd.

Sale NuGen will have their own specialist workers, powered by the support and facilities available from the Sale Group Companies. Running the business is Chris Sale, who has worked with Sale Group for 14 years, beginning as an apprentice and working his way up to becoming Senior Contracts Manager. 


Chris is committed to this new role and he will be focusing on maintaining the long term relationships established over the years and to develop further opportunities in the market.

Chris Sale

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