Mckinsey & Co, The Post Building

Project McKinsey & Co is comprised predominantly of 350 no. 4 pipe fan coil units providing space heating & cooling to the tenant space. Ventilation is provided to the space via low level primary air which then pressurises the underfloor void, which acts as a plenum. The open space & meeting room areas then have the conditioned air distributed via floor swirl diffusers. The aforementioned systems equated to a substantial element of our works. A complex crane lift took place, lifting items compromised of 3 air handling units, 2 gas fired water heaters, 1 outdoor enclosure & 1 heat pump.

Client Name: BW

Building Type: CAT B Major Fit Outs

Project Name: Mckinsey & Co, The Post Building

Project Value Range: £3 Mil +

Duration: 51 Weeks

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